Afternoon of Enchantment August 25th

Take a break from "Annimation Celebration"

Enjoy a FREE day of pin fun on Saturday August 25th from 1-4pm.  We are just a short water taxi ride away from Disney's event.  Come check out the latest HotArt Pin trading pins, trade board, and more!

Pin Raffle

Enjoy our Pin Raffle!  To enter contribute an LE 500 pin and lower by 3:00pm and at 3:30 2 numbers will be called to share the winnings!

Check out our latest HotArt Trading Pins!

Come and purchase a set of our 2018 All-Star Classic HotArt Trading Pins!  Each pin is LE 200 and they will be sold in sets of 4!  There may be flips throughout the day!