Battle Boards

Your battle board is where you will select your pins to defend the lands against the Pirates of Bao Bay!   

Improving your Battle Board and pin selection

Your battle board should always be your 9 highest pins from your collection. Update your battle board frequenty by touching your highest value pin from your collection.

How to Win!

Enter the Battle

For your best chance at victory, you will go into battle with your highest 9 pins possible. It is the best 2 out of 3 battles to obtain victory. Your opponent uses random strategies to waste your best pins so you are unable to recover in the remaining rounds of battle. You must make good choices of your 3 pins selection each round to be able to be victorious.   


Battle is on!

Your pins will line up with your opponent. You can see your total value appear under the skull. Highest total pin value wins.

Next Round

You will need to be victorious for 2 rounds to win! Pick your pins wisely!