How to play The Pinopolis Pin Game

The Game is Played with 25 Game Pieces (Pins) which are 

numbered on the back. There are usually 5 people to a 

table with a Pin Master running the Table and keeping score.

There are five rounds played before a Winner is Determined.The Cards are shuffled and the Pin Master Turns over the first round Card.  It can be High Number (1 Pin) or High Total (5 Pins) Low Number (1 Pin) or Low Total (5 Pins) or a Number of other Fun Cards.

The Players then have 1 Minute to choose their Pins and submit them to their Selection Cup. Once completed all scores are tallied and the winner of the round determined. One person is eliminated at this point and the others move on to  the next round.This is repeated with additional cards 

until there is one Winner, at which time they receive their


There is also variations played with Pins being Traded at the End instead of a Prize won. Training is Available where Pins are Provided for Game Play. Start to Build Your Own Board by Hitting the Shop Button to see the Pins Available for Purchase that Can be Used to Play the Game.