Lands of Pinopolis

Welcome to the World of Pinopolis

To begin Your journey, you must select a land to travel to. 

Currently, The Pirates of Bao Bay have taken over Pinopolis! Soon you will be able to travel to the lands of princesses and faries, aliens and mermaids. The possibilities are endless!

Simply select the land you want to play in and you are off to explore!

Lands Coming soon!

19 Lands of Pinopolis

Quest Pavilion

  • Lake Waterways, Island/Pirates
  • Desest / Wild West
  • Primitive Jungle / Lost City of Pinjumunja
  • Lock Back Mountain / Holiday Lands

Meravel Pavilion

  • Grand Castle / Fairy Tales
  • Atlantis Kingdom / Mermaids
  • Floating Castle / Magic Land
  • Dracula's Castle / Monsters Village

Heroes Pavilion

  • Robots
  • Space
  • Superheroes
  • Aliens

Heritage Pavilion

  • Tokyo in Anime
  • Big Ben / Victorian London
  • Eiffel Tower / 1920's Paris
  • Shanghai TV Tower / Shangai

Sports Pavilion

  • Soccer, Basketball, Football
  • Olympics

Gaming Pavilion