The future of Pinopolis


The Pinopolis app is more than just a fun pin game, it's a place full of original stories, characters and attractions to share with others in lands of mutual interest.   

  • Phase 1 is complete. The introduction the of Pinopolis app and its first land, The Pirate Island of Bao Bay. You will compete against AI to complete collections and build each boards value and level as high as possible before a new board is introduced every 3 to 6 weeks in preparation of:  
  • Phase 2. Network competition, trading and new lands. We are hard at work at building a network system so you can take your best boards to battle against others throughout the world to earn bragging rights as well as the very rare and elusive grail pins. You will also be able to trade pins from your uncollected inventory with others throughout the world to try to complete and improve current and previous boards.  Along with our networking, we will be introducing new lands for you to play and discover new characters and attractions  along the way.  

Phase 3. Online Tournaments. We will hold regular tournaments online for players of various levels and lands to compete in small and large tournaments for exclusive boards, pins and real prizes!  Live Games and Tournaments - We are currently scheduling real live tournaments throughout the world that you can play against other enthusiasts! Some are in small local clubs and some are destination events.

 Visit our website to view our calendar of events worldwide and if you don't find anything in your area contact us here to let us know your interest to attend or possibly host a club or event.